All About Japlanning

Our Mission

Japlanning is a travel site with the goal of helping everyone visit Japan. We are an all in one resource to help make your trip happen. 

From the futuristic streets of Tokyo, to the age old temples of Kyoto, to the bubble gum of J-Pop and all manner of quirky vending convenience. We cover all aspects of Japan that you want to experience and the many awesome facets you didn't know existed!

Use Japlanning's experts to create your best Japlan ever. 

The Team

Bryce Marley - Founder

I’m from Melbourne Australia and I love to travel. I have fallen in love with Japan over the years and travelled throughout the country extensively and probably visit far too often, yet I can’t tire of this spectacular country.

From the moment i stepped off the plane I was in love. There just isn't another country like Japan, the bright lights, food, people and deep history is fascinating, and you just don't tire of it. I started Japlanning with the goal of showing everyone just how amazing Japan, help them get to visit, and fall in love with Japan themselves.

Sit back and enjoy while we bring you valuable information and some personal stories about one of the most diverse and unique countries in the world; Japan.

Sam Jarrett - That was an awesome title!!!


Devon Martin - Online Producer


Devon is originally from Connecticut on the East Coast of the United States.  She was living in Melbourne, Australia until recently when she relocated back to the U.S.  Her love of Japan started when she was only 13, learning about Japan through her Japanese pen pal of the same age from Nagoya.    

With her Master’s degree in Tourism Administration, she loves to help people learn about different cultures throughout the world and experience traveling to unique destinations — most specifically Japan!

Her favourite things about Japan include: J-Pop and JRPGs, seeing “Big Buddhas” to complete her Big Buddha Bingo card, exploring sites with cultural significance, vending machines, learning about regional areas of Japan, and trying to consume as much Kobe beef as humanly possible.

Her Japan dream: To climb Mt. Fuji!